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Kazan five senses (5 hours)

Tour price:

1850 rur

Schedule and duration:

from 10:00 till 15:00 (01.11.2017-15.06.2018)
Excursion centre (4 Pushkina St., Tatarstan Hotel)

During this tour you will see Kazan, taste it, listen to the city sounds, smell its aroma, and even create Kazan legend with your own hands.

The tour includes:
- visit to the observation deck from which you will see Kazan from a bird's-eye view. Fairy Kazan Kremlin, Kazanka river, the modern Millennium Bridge, Kazan Arena stadium - the whole city on the palm of your hand!
- museum of chak-chak, where you will plunge into the atmosphere of a cozy Tatar house, learn about ancient Kazan, enjoy hot tea from a samovar, listen to Tatar tales and tunes. All this is combined with the tasting of the main Tatar delicacy - chak-chak,
- workshop on the national craft: you will not only listen to the ancient Kazan legend, but also revive it in your own hands,
- tea party and tasting of the national pastry in the Tatar village «Tugan Avylym» («My native village» from Tatar). Here, in the pancake house, you can taste not only the "ochpochmak", but also pancakes-sunnies, made according to an ancient recipe in this wood-burning stove. You will have time to walk around the complex - the model of Tatar village - and take photos in the Tatar farmstead at the old mill, bridges, in a cozy garden.
- visit to the tasting room of one of the leading manufacturers of Tatarstan, of course, with tasting of drinks made in Tatarstan.

The tour guide will flesh out the walk with fascinating stories of Tatar culture, traditions, legends and little-known facts.

The sequence of the sites included in each tour itinerary may vary depending on the traffic situation and congestion of tourist facilities.
All tours start and end at Excursion Centre office (Tatarstan Hotel, 4 Pushkina St., Kazan).
Казань пятью органами чувств (победитель Всероссийской туристской премии "Маршрут года" 2016)






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  2. There are discounts for children under 12, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, residents of besieged Leningrad, and physically challenged people.
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  5. If the chosen payment method is “Online by plastic card," you must make a payment one day before the start of the tour, not later than 18:00.
  6. In case of failure of paragraphs 4 and 5, unpaid booked tickets go on sale on the day of the tour without saving a priority for the person who has booked it online.
  7. The number of seats in a bus is limited. Tickets are sold until the excursion bus is full. In case of failure of seat after the booking, you will receive a notice of refusal.

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Очень интересная, не утомительная и познавательная экскурсия. Нам понравилась гид Евгения, замечательная, добрая, девушка, все показала, все рассказала. Будет интересно всем и взрослым, и детям. Советую.
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Отличная экскурсия, познавательная и вкусная. Несмотря на то что экскурсия длится 5 часов, вы не устаете. Вас накормят чак-чаком и пастилой, напоят чаем и алкогольными напитками. Также своими руками сделаете символ Казани кота из глины и вам его отдадут, но через некоторое время. Поэтому если вы приехали на 7-10 дней, сначала езжайте на эту экскурсию.
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