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Autotravel in Tatarstan

Kazan Tourist Information Centre and Kazan branch of the Interregional Public Organization “Caravanners League” made up a universal tourist route for auto tourists intending to explore the Republic of Tatarstan at the wheel of their own car.

The circular route of 900 km includes visits to the most famous, memorable and historical sites near cities of the country. However, the guide allows you to start the journey from any point of Tatarstan and plan it down to the departure point.

To help the driver, the map has an insert with schematically indicated roadside infrastructure objects and the distances between them, while all the attractionsб located in the suburbs or difficult to reach, are marked with GPS-coordinates.

“Autotravel in Tatarstan” guide offers a ready tourist route along which you will:

  • Learn about the history of the Republic, and get a feeling of the unity of Tatarstan cultures

  • Visit the holy places, architectural and historical sites

  • Enjoy the bird's-eye view of the “third capital of Russia”

  • Be able to choose the most interesting sites

  • Join in the national traditions and crafts

  • Try national cuisine and products of Republic’s farmers

  • Take part in a colourful and spectacular national holiday

  • Remember the beauty of natural landscapes of the Volga-Kama region and the unforgettable experience of visiting our hospitable Republic

pdf_icon.pngDownload the guide “Autotravel in Tatarstan”

pdf_icon.pngDownload the map of the Republic of Tatarstan

Autotravel in Tatarstan


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