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Welcome to Tatarstan

For 8 years Kazan Tourist Information Centre in association with the Tourism State Committee of the Republic of Tatarstan and Kazan Foreign Affairs and Tourism Committee annually publishes “Hospitable Tatarstan” business edition, a detailed and unparalleled index of hotels, hostels, health resorts and country houses of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Successful and professional index has firmly established itself among tourism professionals throughout Russia.

Languages: Russian, English

Format: А5, A5, full color printing, coated paper

Edition: : 10,000 copies (including electronic form)

The index is distributed at international tourism exhibitions such as «WTM» (London), «ITB» (Berlin), «EMITT» (Istanbul), «ChinaInternationalTravelMart» (Shanghai), «MITF», «Recreation/ Leisure», «Inturmarket» , «MITT» (Moscow), «SITT» (Novosibirsk), «KITS» (Kazan), and «KITF» (Kazakhstan). It is distributed among Russian and foreign tour operators, as well as ministries, departments and large enterprises of the Republic of Tatarstan. Moreover, the index is distributed at events held throughout the year - ad and press tours in Kazan, travel forums, tourist delegations meetings, etc.

Hotels, hostels and health resorts can participate in the next issue of the index by contacting us (see website for contacts)

The collection of information for the index begins on June 15th and finishes on August 20th

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Welcome to Tatarstan


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